“Interstate 690 provides vital access to Syracuse area hospitals for residents in the western suburbs,” Jetter said in the release. Monday. Message boards posted on the interstate direct detoured traffic to State Fair Boulevard at Exit 6. “April 19th, 1995 changed our city forever,” Thunder general manger Sam Presti said in a team release. “The Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum serves our community by helping us remember those lost, yet also tells a story of a city that comes together with compassion. The Thunder is honored to continue to strengthen our relationship with the Oklahoma City Memorial with this endeavor.”.

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“In the New Orleans music community, I sometimes hear grumbling about Troy’s music,” says Blake Leyh, who, as music supervisor for HBO’s “Treme”, has employed nearly every New Orleans player of note during the show’s first two seasons. “It’s not just the usual sour grapes, although that is of course always a factor when a beloved son of the city finds success. But beyond that, people have a real beef with the music.

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