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Cheap Jerseys china We repurposing our facilities to make face shields so that medical professionals battling COVID 19 can safely continue to help those most vulnerable.”We are one company, and we are not going to be able to make a dent to this thing, but one thing we can do is make a call for action for other companies,” Bauer CEO Ed Kinnaly said in a telephone interview Saturday afternoon.[From unfazed to unprecedented: Inside the decision to postpone the Olympics]With Bauer unable to fulfill all of the orders that are coming in, the company is urging other manufacturers to help. Over the weekend, it decided to publish manufacturing instructions, designs and supplier information for the face shields to encourage others to begin production.”The more companies that we can get on the bandwagon to help build these, the better off we are going to be, and it is going to shorten the time it takes to get over the hump,” Kinnaly said. “And then it is going to keep the real heroes out there safe and sound.”Big name companies, such as Ford, have reached out to Bauer to inquire about manufacturing details, according to Kinnaly, who said Bauer will help Ford get started on the project if it ultimately decides to take part.We are proud to be using our resources to protect medical workers on the front lines battling COVID 19, but WE NEED YOUR HELP.We need other corporations to step up and convert their resources to build materials that will protect medical workers exposed to the virus. Cheap Jerseys china

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