I had bought a bigger cat bed for both cats to lay on and the rubber tips for their claws I am going to try and of course 2 collars because it was the nicest day so far of the so called winter. Lol. 70 degrees I was getting spring fever and wanted to take the cat’s outside like they were dog’s.

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With a TV on every wall, on game day, most will be showing Mike Tomlin keeping his cool on the sidelines as the black and gold dominate. While other Steelers bars might not be known for their hospitality, at Billy’s they welcome all teams, but if you’re a Browns fan, you might want to come early to nab a corner booth and keep your head down.5. Wayward Sailor PubWith a simple Pittsburgh City of Champions flag waving outside, this Wilton Manors pub will make any Steelers fan feel at home.

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