The data the Justice Department agreed to release includes a list of drug companies that manufacture and distribute 95 percent of the opioids in each state, broken down by state, for each year between 2006 and 2014. It also shows total number of pillssold inevery state each year and how much market share each drug company enjoys. Attorney Office in Cleveland, wrote in a letter Monday that the data will only be released if the judge issues a protective order requiring the data not be publiclydisseminated and be returned or destroyed when the litigation ends..

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Arrest a 27.518 miembros de familias, un 240% ms que en diciembre de 2017, que tuvo 8.120 arrestos. El Gobierno utiliza estas detenciones en la frontera para medir los cruces ilegales. Desde agosto, se ha producido un aumento constante en los arrestos a familias, cuando se han detenido a 12.760 miembros de familias..

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