And Mexico is not paying for the wall.”Green Book tackles race issues in the United States, but it has been criticised for having a narrative that relies on a “white saviour”, referring to Don Shirley and Tony Valleglonga relationship. Shirley family have also disputed the portrayal.That wasn all. Completing the trio of apologies was director Peter Farrelly, who apologised for past sexual misconduct.Spike Lee was obviously angry at the Oscars when the win was announced.

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In fact, that ’16 turnout rate is virtually identical to that of 2004, when Democrats also had two white candidates (John Kerry and John Edwards) on the ticket.So, the argument goes, Biden will need an African American running mate to bump up turnout and avoid the fates of Kerry and Clinton. Whether this would actually happen with a black VP candidate is far from clear, though.Obama was the first and still only black candidate nominated for either president or vice president by a major party. It’s possible the historic nature of his campaign and his own personal attributes generated a unique turnout effect that can’t be replicated.

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